From author Janine Williams:

Lisette edited my small-town romance novel Forever Home, first in my Honeymoon Bay series, and will shortly begin editing my middle grade/junior fiction novel Holding The Horse. People say that hiring an editor is like attending a masterclass on how to write. I couldn’t agree more! Lisette’s editing is thorough and accurate, and her attention to detail means that I learn a lot from her edits and notes.

Lisette’s perceptive comments and gentle, insightful pointers have been invaluable. She spots the weaknesses and inconsistencies and gives suggestions which are always helpful. Her comments and recommendations are intelligent and encouraging and her sense of humour always comes through to make me smile.

Lisette’s background in film and screenwriting gives her the ability to understand story and structure, and she is able to see and explain where something is lacking in the plot. Her knowledge of character development and language enable her to see ways to improve dialogue and make my characters more real and believable. I am so glad that I took the plunge and hired Lisette to edit my work – I have learned a huge amount. Having someone look at your manuscript is a daunting thing, but she manages to make me feel very encouraged. I highly recommend Lisette to others.

From author Francesca Riley:

Lisette edited my young adult paranormal romantic suspense novel, Find Me, first in my Immersed series and also my new prequel novella Find Me Begins. Reviews for Find Me describe it as beautifully written, no mean feat in the indie world of self-publishing. She has edited the second novel in the Immersed series, Follow Me, and will edit the rest of the series as I complete it.

Lisette provides a deep level of editing for me, and my manuscripts receive a high level of attention, not only to grammar and spelling, continuity, and broadening my vocabulary, but also content and structure where applicable. Alternative options are made as suggestions so I can see what I had, and what I could consider changing it to. With her unerring eye, and high literary skills and finesse as well as her generosity and patience, Lisette has made my writing better.

Lisette is sensitive to the process writers go through when receiving critical feedback, so although she edits with complete integrity, she delivers her recommendations with a light touch. My writing improves with every book, and I know that in large part it is because I am constantly learning from working with Lisette, like a master class on every book. I highly recommend any author wishing for their work to be not just accurate, but better, to avail themselves of Lisette’s editorial services.

Recommendation from Greta de Jong:

Lisette did an excellent job of proofreading my manuscript and index for You Can’t Eat Freedom: Southerners and Social Justice after the Civil Rights Movement (University of North Carolina Press, 2016, 320pp). I had checked the manuscript for mistakes several times before hiring Lisette to do a final read through after completing my revisions, but her eagle eyes picked up quite a few errors and inconsistencies that remained, which makes me glad I asked for her professional help. This was an academic history book with many footnotes and references, so proofreading it was time-consuming work and required close attention to detail. Lisette gave me an accurate estimate for how long it would take and how much it would cost, and her rates were very reasonable. I’m very pleased with her work and would highly recommend her as an editor and proofreader. 

Greta de Jong

From author Zane Menzy:

Even from just reading your email I feel I have learned something new. Your feedback is thorough, helpful and kind, and I felt you showed a real interest in the story. This is something not all editors do so I am very grateful for this.  

Thank you again for such a thoughtful edit. I really appreciate all your hard work.

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