My editing approach is honest but kind. I am sensitive to the challenges authors face during the editing process. I’m also committed to ensuring that each author I work with has the opportunity to grow and improve as a writer, as together we polish their words for the world to enjoy.


Below is a quick rates guide, but more accurate prices will be provided once I know the word count and details of the work submitted.

EDITING RATE:                       $400 USD for 60,000 words (or $600 NZD) 

As an editor, I help the author produce a story that flows smoothly, has good sentence structure, characterisation, pace and plot development. I ensure the story is clear for the reader, has continuity, and is engaging. This is a Substantive and Developmental editing style, which improves the writing as well as any issues with the story.  Proofreading is also included in this process.

PROOFREADING RATE: $200 USD for 60,000 words (or $300 NZD) 

I can proofread your manuscript if you simply want grammar, spelling and punctuation corrected. I have an English level of “C2 Advanced” according to the Common European Framework of Reference.

SAMPLE RATE:            FREE for up to 1500 words (5 pages)

Feel free to submit a few pages for an editing “preview” before committing to a full edit.

Payment can be made through PayPal.

I can edit in UK English or US English, using Track Changes in Microsoft Word or Editing & Suggesting Mode in Google Docs.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


  • Your manuscript should be as good as you feel you can get it, before submitting to an editor.
  • Learn as much as you can – online, from books, from teachers and mentors. Know your genre and how to structure the story.
  • Get your work critiqued by a couple of people, ideally someone who knows the genre, or is your target audience, or Beta readers. Bear in mind that feedback from readers can vary and it is ultimately up to you to decide if any suggested changes make good sense and will improve your story. 
  • Hone your manuscript before sending it to an editor. 
  • Check your spelling and grammar.
  • Format it properly. Standard novel format is 1” margins, double-spaced, with 12pt Times New Roman or similar font.