I am a creative writer who has collaborated with other writers, both fiction and non-fiction, as an editor, proofreader and writer.


In my early adult years I studied acting. Later, I began writing short stories, film reviews, articles for magazines and comedic sketches. I’ve also learned the craft of screenwriting, which has sharpened my understanding of constructs of story like motivations, conflict, characterisation, dialogue, subtext and plot.

My creative writing successes include published short stories, award-winning short plays and web series.  


I have travelled widely, lived in New York and London, and am now based in New Zealand. I have a sweet and independent black cat and many great friends. I enjoy taking photos and I bake and garden when I can.

I love being at my desk, working as an editor. Editing is a unique and deeply satisfying occupation, which draws on both creative and focused analytical skills. Helping writers to hone their manuscripts and develop their expertise, working with them to make their writing the best it can be is a privilege and a pleasure. My clients’ success is my success.

It came to me presently that the element of creation, where writing was concerned, had little to do with thought. “A tree does not search for its fruits, it grows them.” To write, I concluded, was to garner the fruits of the imagination, to grow into the life of the mind like a tree putting forth leaves.

Henry Miller – Nexus